The Unusual Tale of Mary and Joseph's Baby


Don has a new musical called The Unusual Tale of Mary and Joseph's Baby, that he wrote with Chris Cragin-Day. It has 2 productions coming up: NYC Fringe Festival in August and River and Rail Theater Co in Knoxville in December. See the Kickstarter video and page for more details. (click HERE or title images above)


Sparkley Clean Funeral Singers Opening Night

Don Chaffer and Lori Fischer's musical comedy, Sparkley Clean Funeral Singers, opens at Cumberland County Playhouse on April 1 and runs through May 28.
Tickets: http://www.ccplayhouse.com/ or call box office: 931-484-5000.


Waterdeep Double Album On iTunes and Other Digi Outlets

Our new album is officially available now on:



Google play

You can also listen to it on


for the next couple of weeks.

Spread the word!


New Waterdeep Self-Titled Double Album

Wd Album

After a successful Kickstarter campaign and seven months of hard work...
We are happy to present our new double album:

Waterdeep - Waterdeep

by pre-ordering this self-titled 23-song beauty here at waterdeep.com.

Psst. Over here. The big announcement is done now, and we want to tell you on the sly that we're VERY happy about this one. We worked hard on it, had several musical friends help us out, including Sandra McCracken, Sara Masen, Thad Cockerell, Julie Lee, and Andrew Osenga (and that's just the singers), and it's 23 friggin' songs. Did we already say that? I mean, come on. Twenty. Three. Songs. And then bonus tracks and a t-shirt are available too?! Yep. That's how we roll.

After the new year, we'll officially release the album to the usual digital and physical outlets (except Spotify), but here's your chance to get it early.

A note on shipping time: We are hoping physical CDs ship the week of December 22, which is too late for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa etc. but for gift purposes, the digital download is immediate. Imagine the smile on your loved one's face... or on yours... forget about them... No, don't forget about them. Let's just get in the spirit and buy two copies, or three, or whatever.

Finally, we continue to be grateful for the opportunity to keep doing what we love, and are honored that you're all still listening.

Happy Holidays,
Don and Lori Chaffer


Kickstarter Stretch Fund Goals

It Feels Good To Be Waterdeep Like This Again

We asked you for $20,000, and, in less than 48 hours, you said "Sure thing. Here you go." Our jaws dropped. We tweeted. We facebooked. We graffitti'd highway overpasses with the word "amazing." We're humbled and grateful.

Also, all this love (and money) has made us feel like recording artists again. After a hard day with the kids or the studio (working on someone else's album) it's easy to wonder whether it still matters that we write songs from our hearts. Not trying to be a sad sack. Just sayin' that when you all said "Yes, it matters," it felt really, really good.

Now, let's address some outstanding questions about the campaign in mock interview format. Lori and I will play the role of "Us;" you will play the role of "You."

You: Awesome, Don & Lori. Happy for you. Can we still give you money?

Us: YES!

You: Is the kickstarter still going now that you've met your goal?

Us: YES! Until that number on the right gets down to "0 days to go," the campaign is still going, and you can still give.

You: Do you still need more money?

Us: When we made a budget for finishing the double album, it came to $27,665, but when we imagined missing that goal by $1, and getting nothing as a result, we said, "Yeah... I mean... but... we could still squeak by with $20,000, right?" Thus, a kickstarter goal was born. As of this writing, we're past our official goal, and almost to our original "secret" goal.

You: What happens with any extra money you make?

Us: See our next section "Stretch Funding Goals." However-and I hope you're okay with this-we're gonna end the mock interview format.

You: Sure. That's cool. It's been nice, though, you know, chatting.

Us: Oh, man, for us too. Thank you... (voice cracking) for everything. ("You" and "Us" hug, tears forming in both of "Our" eyes.)


Here are the things we plan to do with our money if we make even more amazing amounts than the amazing amounts you've already given us. Mind you, I should probably set aside some cash first to look up more superlatives. As amazing as the word "amazing" is, I bet it's getting old.


We've already started working again on the double album because of your generosity. We're thrilled.


We'll have hit our original goal, the "secret" one we made, before we got nervous and lowered it. At $28,000, we'll be able to make the process better for both ourselves and others (i.e. pay musicians and designers better, take a bit more time on things, stuff like that). And when we're done, you'll hear a better album than $20,000 would have given us. How cool is that?


We'll go out and buy a camera, tripod, and, like, maybe a lens cloth, and make another video. It'll either be a short documentary on the "Making of", or it'll be a music video. Not sure yet which.


The camera will still be new, and we'll make the other video... the one we didn't make for the last stretch fund goal. Like, if we made the music video for GOAL#3, then we'll make the documentary for GOAL#4. If we made the documentary for...

Lori: Don, they get the idea.

Don: Okay.


I started to spend a lot of time budgeting out other things we might do if we make more than this, and then Lori-who is, as many of you now know, the voice of reason in our family-suggested we just let people know what some of those other things might be, and cross that bridge when we come to it. She's right, as usual. So, here are some of the things we discussed:

Don Chaffer - An Unfinished Tale, Vol. 3, Strange - a Spoken Word Album

I would record some more readings of my poems, like I did on the first two Unfinished Tale solo albums; maybe also a small chap book of all the poems from the first three volumes.

Waterdeep Theater

We would produce a theatrical Waterdeep show involving: actors, musicians, lights, costumes, and maybe puppets. It'd be a cross between a regular Waterdeep show, Late Night with David Letterman, and the musical, Wicked (which, technically, I have never seen). Rad. We'd run the show for several weekends in Nashville, and possibly take it to other town(s) as well, for weekend runs in small 100-200 seat theaters.

Son of a Gun Full Musical Recording

My first musical, Son of a Gun (co-written with playwright, Chris Cragin Day, as well as Lori, on additional music) premiered in NYC in November, 2012. A few of you got to see it. Most of you didn't. Due to Actor's Equity Union issues, we were unable to video it for you. However, what we can do is record the entire musical in audio form-both the songs AND the dialog.

More Shows and Touring

If we make a bunch of money, we could finally afford a minivan, instead of the Honda Accord we presently use for "touring." I put "touring" in quotes because our show schedule has been miserably sparse the past few years.

Get that minivan.

Change the touring schedule, and change the world!

Right now. With us. Together.